Homeowners raffle off 100-year-old house and it could be yours for a tenner

A 100-year-old three-bedroom home is up for grabs, for the paltry sum of just £10.

Homeowners Gary and Louise Simpson are raffling off their semi-detached house that boasts three beds as well as its own fish pond.

The home, in Stoke on Trent, will be sold to one lucky raffle winner – so long as 40,000 tickets are bought by Christmas Eve.

The house, on Hesketh Avenue, boasts an open-plan lounge and dining room area – complete with a built-in fish tank.

The kitchen has all the usual appliances and upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is also a front garden, a driveway with room for two vehicles, and a back garden which comes complete with two sheds and a fish pond.

Now, the house is up for grabs with a raffle that will see the winner getting the place mortgage free as well as zero solicitor fees and a £10,000 new roof allowance.

The total prize value is worth £190,000.

The owners have lived together in the property for 13 years and have two children – Morgan, 15, and 13-year-old Tylar.

Louise, 33, said: “I bought the house off my parents 13 years ago. I’ve lived here all my life and if an opportunity comes up, there is a property on the market, and the raffle is successful, then I will probably stay around in this area.

“Regardless of whether enough tickets are sold there will still be a winner. It’s an opportunity for someone who maybe doesn’t have the chance to be mortgage free. It might take them a long time to save and pay off their mortgage.

“It’s about getting people on board and showing it’s not a scam, this is a real thing.

“We intend to raise enough money to cover the value of the house, the legal fees on both sides, a brand new roof, associated expenses, advertising costs, tax expenses, and the listing fees.”

Competition app Raffall is running the raffle.

It states: “The house would make an ideal home for a couple or a family, with plenty of indoor and outdoor space.”

The winner can only claim if 40,000 tickets are sold. If not, one person will win 75 per cent of the overall ticket sales.

The remaining 25 per cent will go to the company operating the raffle.

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